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  • jose joy

    January 4, 2022 at 9:52 AM

    University and college education is considered as the best way to have a successful carrier by some, while others consider getting a job after school is the best way. A University degree is required for some jobs and its importance is increasing daily. Getting a job earlier on will largely increase the work experience of an individual. I consider education is really important.

    In some specialized jobs like research, an advanced degree is a must, For some jobs like managerial jobs, the nourishment and interactivity provided by on-campus education can be considered as a great boon. In fact, some companies will not accept your resume without the university or college education present in the resume. Higher education is the only way for some to jumpstart their career, the days especially if they are not on an entrepreneurial path. You can see a great example, Sundar Pichai. He did his BS degree from IIT, later he did MS from Sandford and MBA from Pennsylvania, and currently, he is the CEO of the Alphabet.

    On the other hand, some go on to get a job immediately after completing high school, this will help in making the person more responsible and earn money very early on, the duration of the experience the person gain is invaluable, If you take the example of Sundar Pichai, he would have already had a 10-year experience while he completes his education. There are many successful entrepreneurs who did not go to college, Steve Jobs is the biggest name here, who created the most valuable company in the world. But the success rate of such ventures is just 100 to 1. So, a backup plan is always required, education is a great backup plan.

    In conclusion, there are two opinions, on one hand, some consider education is necessary for a successful career and others believe going straight to job after school is the best way, Since the entry to the job is becoming more and more restrictive, Education in universities is very important to get into a promising career.

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