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  • Jackson

    January 6, 2022 at 1:20 AM

    To reduce the crime some, agree the best solution is to give a longer sentences while at the same time in other perspective they think there are another better way. In my opinion, I believe there are better alternative ways of reducing crime. Here in this easy we will discuss the both side and state my belief.

    Here, I will discuss why longer prison sentences are not effective at certain instance in majority part of the world. This is because the most of suspect who been accused for the crime is not going to change their nature of attitude unless they have literal fear inside them. Due to which, most of the criminal tend to do the same mistake which they have done before. For example, In INDIA 95% of extreme illegal cases have put for longer prison sentence but, still as per crime survey report on 2018 it has gone up by 1.6% each year. That’s why the longer prison sentences will not help in reducing the case.

    On the other side if we can modify the existing system in an effective way might help in reducing the crime rates. To Improvise we need to implement faster/instant solution which could help in reducing the crime rates. Such as laying heavy penalties with prison sentence or immediate execution for extreme violence in according to proof of evidence which will cause all the criminal minded people to think second time to repeat the same mistake. Such as in most part of the GCC countries the rate of criminal activity rate is very low compared to our country. So a strict abiding law will let all people to think twice before attempting any illegal activities.

    In conclusion we need to alter the older version system to new one that could ease to reduce the daily crime rate and also help all our citizens to walk free without fear even in the middle of the night.

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