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  • Sunpreet

    January 12, 2022 at 3:05 PM

    Blood sports as the name suggests involves blood, exhibits the inhuman nature. These kind of sports should be banned with immediate effect , These acts are immensely cruel and may lead to severe natural issues. So taking this into consideration I suggest these blood sports should be banned.

    Like humans animals also have feeling they also feel the pain when being hurt , they also have the right to live a happy life. Blood sports were considered to be one of the entertainment activities in the past because it had a huge amount of earning prospect and we humans can do anything to earn money if it involves huge amount , Killing an innocent who cannot speak or display its feeling is it a humanly act?? No I don’t think so. Many countries like spain and mexico they have made bulls running or killing legal and hunting them in front of children and family which will affect the mental ability of children. As children learns from what they see and at that very young age we are teaching them to kill is it right thing for children?

    We need to stop this cruelty as this may cause natural environment disbalance. There are many things which we can do to stop these things like government can make a law related to this or we can make some ads to inculcate the idea to stop these kind of things. Now a days many activist have come forward to help these animals making there lives a bit easier to live.

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