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  • Besto

    January 12, 2022 at 6:44 PM

    Nowadays International tourism has brought very good benefits to many places, at the same situation there are some problems faced by the local people and environment.

    International tourism has brought well benefits to many places like people may rely on tourism for their income, also International tourism creates many job opportunities in services like Hotels and restaurants, as result International tourism improves the standard of living in some local areas. Having tourists in our country could boost the local economy, this will provide more income for the country also the peoples in the country, and the money gained from tourism could be easily invested in society such as Education, public health and Infrastructure moreover if visitors brought positive feedback on their travel, the relation between countries will become stronger so more power for the country which will help to raise their level between other nations.

    On the other hand, Tourists from around the world can cause some problems for the environment and the places. one of the issues is that not all visitors have the same culture, not all people can maintain a respected attitude towards tourists places. in a way, some could ruin historic places or gardens, and another problem is that some countries had to deal with diseases which were brought by visitors, and that could be a big problem for a developing country to cure.

    In Conclusion, Even though countries can be worried about welcoming tourists. It ultimately has more positive results for the long run and it may be the reason for improving a developing country.

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