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  • Ankit

    January 14, 2022 at 2:51 AM

    Blood sports is part of different cultures across the globe, but it always showcases sports in a negative light. Such sports are often criticized and are under controversies due to the very nature of these being brutal for animals. I strongly believe that such sports should be banned and this essay will highlight the points to justify my viewpoint.

    First and foremost, blood of animals is spilled in such sports for entertainment which is not justifiable at all. Animals in such sports are kept in cramped cages and often face ruthless treatment by their handlers, which traumatizes them mentally and physically. Furthermore, animals that are found to be unfit for the sport are often killed. No one has the right to torture or kill such beautiful creatures, but greed and entertainment drives people insane and this insanity creates havoc for animals and the society.

    Secondly, blood sports are not only dangerous for animals but for people involved in it too. For instance, bull riding is one such sport in which bulls are tortured repeatedly to make them aggressive, and sometimes the riders have to face the wrath of these furious bulls . Public wants to see how riders control these furious bulls, but, more often than not, the riders also get injured in the act. Sometimes, the injuries sustained by these riders are so gruesome that they either eventually die or are handicapped for the rest of their lives.

    Thirdly, a lot of people bet and gamble on these sports which is both unethical and illegal. For instance, in bull fighting people often gamble on the bull that they think would win and they either loose or win but ultimately it is the losing bull that pays the price with its life.

    To conclude, even though blood sports is a part of various cultures, and a lot of people make money through these sports, it is inhumane and vicious for animals. These activities should be condemned, and legal proceeding should be carried out against people playing these sports.

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