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  • Mansi

    January 18, 2022 at 1:13 PM

    The given diagram depicts the production of electricity by a model which uses wave energy. Overall, the mechanism of electricity generation depends on the direction of wave in the chamber. The structure is constructed along the cliff or sea wall and constitutes of an air column, a rotating turbine, a chamber and an electricity producing unit besides the turbine. The column is a narrow cylindrical passage which connects chamber (the largest sub-structure) to the environment.

    When a sea wave proceeds into the chamber, there is movement of air from the chamber into the column from where it exits into the atmosphere. This outward movement of the air leads to clockwise rotation of the turbine thus producing electricity.

    On the other hand, when wave recedes from the chamber, outside air is sucked into the column and then into the chamber, again rotating turbine in the clockwise direction and this further leads to generation of electricity.

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