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  • dipti

    January 19, 2022 at 4:14 AM

    The last two years of pandemic has shown the world tremendous shift in the way of work and education is being delivered. Initially it was thought to be cumbersome a majority of people have adjusted and enjoy to this new way of life.

    First of all we have been living in a virtual world since quite some time when we would socialise on Facebook and Instagram rather than enjoying the age old norm of meeting with people in parks, playground coffee or a beer. Many individuals preferred to connect with society from their electronic devices for example children nowadays rather play online or video games with friends instead of playing a game of football in open.

    Secondly when the pandemic struck the nations at whole were taken aback, work was moved to home office and schools to homeschooling. For instance in many Asian countries schools have still not resumed or even if they have children have been in school physically for only 2-3 months in 2 years time. We have increased our dependence on online grocery delivery and food delivery, these services were ramped up exponentially during this time. Multinational companies like Amazon, eBay and alibaba have made eye watering profits in these difficult times.

    To conclude I would like to say that though the pandemic pushed most of us to this virtual world of friends socialising it is our duty to weigh the pros and cons for ourselves and our children.

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