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  • sriranjini

    January 19, 2022 at 10:08 AM

    Most of the organizations prefer designing open space cubicles instead of traditional designs in the recent days. Though the traditional designs are providing many benefits as such, I believe open office is for sure more advantageous. Let us consider the pros and cons of the open space layout.

    Firstly, open office cubicles helps in better communication between the employees. When in a closed environment, people rarely get to discuss or share a joke at time. This kind of interaction helps in relieving stress and makes the work less difficult. Furthermore, they also get to discuss their views, provide solutions and share their experiences within their team, which in turn creates coordination and improves the teamwork. In addition to this, Open space layout is cost effective than normal traditional office spaces. Companies can save up the cost of buying separate tables and arranging space for every individual staff instead, they could provide employees with benefits or other facilities.

    The cons of this setup include lack of privacy and distractions. For Instance, when an employee has to complete a lot of work with a tight deadline, in an open space, people get distracted so easily with multiple conversations running in the background. Consequently this leads to a delay in completion of work and thereby reduction in the quality of work. Secondly, Some employees carry top confidential information that is not to be shared with anyone. However, in an open cubicle setup, keeping a secret becomes laborious since anyone can hear or see anything.

    To conclude, though open office layout has certain disadvantages, I believe that it does provide more benefits. For example, consider the current scenario, if we all were working in closed separate rooms before Covid – 19 epidemic, currently it would be awkward and less fun to attend online meeting rooms. On the other hand, all our lives would be bored to hell if we would not have those fun-filled memories of chats and giggles we shared in our office premises. This kind of team coordination and spirit is mainly possible because of the open-space cubicles. Therefore, I believe that open space layout is much more beneficial and outweigh its drawbacks.

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