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  • shivam

    January 21, 2022 at 3:39 PM

    There are different perspectives that some people thinks government should be responsible about the environment, while other people think that citizens should also be concerned about the environment. I will support both the statements in the essay.

    Firstly, government should be accountable for implementing the laws and punishing people who are not obeying the laws regarding protection of environment. Government bodies should regulate and keep checking the industries and power plants for proper dumping of chemical compounds, industrial and radioactive waste after treating them and then releasing it in water bodies, so it won’t harm the aquatic environment, collecting garbage different for biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste, and recycling the waste. For example, government in India has started “Swach bharat abhiyan” for keeping environment clean.

    Secondly, people should also be concerned about the environment; they should educate their children about conserving nature, so that we have a better environment for future generations. Citizens should use more public transport, instead of using cars and bikes to stop the harmful gases affecting nature, using dustbin rather than throwing garbage in the locality, reducing the use of plastics in everyday use and to go green using only things which can be decomposed. For example- people of Japan organises many events of cleaning the rivers and the neighborhood.

    In conclusion, I would say that it’s not just responsibility of either government or an individual, with the effort of everyone, we could save the earth from these hazardous chemicals compounds and toxic gases which is degrading natural habitat.

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