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  • Vimy

    January 24, 2022 at 12:41 AM

    Humankind has always been concerned about protecting and preserving the environment. As the world is advancing with time, there has been ongoing debate between people that protecting the environment is the responsibility of government bodies while others believe that it’s the responsibility of the individuals. In this essay both sides of the argument will be discussed including my opinion as to why it is essential for both to protect the environment.

    Firstly, I believe government plays a primary role in protecting the environment because it act as the leader of the country, who can make policy to protect the environment while creating awareness programmes in the society. But it can only be done when there is strict implementation of laws like controlling the activities of industrialists who produces harmful gases, planting more trees, reducing risk of pollution emitted through commercial activities. For example, New Delhi has always been counted as the major polluted city in India which is gradually degrading it’s environment but Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr.Arvind Kejriwal, took steps to curb this pollution like by adopting the odd-even method which helped in reducing Air quality index of Delhi, planting trees on public ways, etc., Therefore, it’s the government authorities only which can make a difference by following a strict action plan to improve the environment and implementing it.

    On the other hand, as individuals or as a citizen of the country, it is our fundamental duty to protect our environment. As an individual can only improve the environment and balance the natural habitat. This could be done by creating awareness among people, planting trees, more usage of renewable energy and less usage of fossil fuel etc., for example people should use more of a public vehicles than their personal vehicles for shorter distances and it will help us in reduction of carbon emission. These are some ways individual must follow to protect the environment and save us from environment degradation.

    By concluding it, I would say both are equally responsible for the protection of an environment and everybody must work, be it government or an individual because together only we can keep the environment in their natural habitat and save our ecosystem.

    Ma’am give your valuable feedback.

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