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    January 26, 2022 at 10:59 PM

    The given line graph illustrates the information about the amount of quantity transported in UK by four various modes namely road, rail, water, pipeline in million tonnes from year 1994 to 2002.

    Overall, it seems that the transportation by road, water and and pipeline has been increase over the years, while railway transportation shown the fluctuations.

    In 1978, water and rail transportation has been transported same quantity which is 40 million tonnes but then use of waterways increase in next few years and transported more than 60 million tonnes of goods in year 2002.In other hand, transportation of goods by railway decreases after year 1978 and struggles to maintain their transportation of goods in further more years but in 2002 they transported over 40 million tonnes of goods.

    The road transportation provides highest quantity in all year with its gradually increase trend, it also transported more than 80 million tonnes of goods in year 2002. After 1974, pipeline transportation has significantly increases quantity and transported 20 million tonnes of good in year 1982, then continued same till 1990 but from1994 transportation of goods decreases to 20 million tonnes and nealy same amount of goods transported in next 8 years.

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