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  • Rozmiin

    January 27, 2022 at 5:20 PM

    Globalization has brought vast changes in consumer market. Supermarket chains are now appearing everywhere, in all the major cities as well as small towns. I believe supermarkets have managed to surmount the local shops leading to their closure which in turn may bring about death of local communities.

    Supermarkets are big stores which provide a wide range of products under one roof. Supermarkets are adept to marketing and consumer psychology. Moreover to attract customers the stores run multiple benefits such as discount, home delivery, different payment modes, points on purchase which customer can later redeem and several more which makes it difficult for local businesses to compete with.

    However, on other hand local stores have a long history of existence and they are part of the lives of people residing there. Even though super markets provides more varieties they lack the warmth and friendliness offered by local businesses. Due to huge discounts offered at super market people don’t contemplate before buying and end up ruining their monthly budget. Whereas at local shops people spend according to their needs. These days even local shops are trying to catch up with super markets by offering home delivery, monthly bill payment options and sometimes even agree to exchange or refund for food items purchased which a supermarket would not do.

    Local businesses are less susceptible to national down turn and more likely to work harder to stay open. Local businesses often sell local products which helps preserve the community distinction. Finally, I feel that expansion of supermarkets would not certainly take over local community.

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