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  • Rozmiin

    January 28, 2022 at 8:22 PM

    Outdoor activity is an important part of children’s health and success, both physically and mentally. Some people think that outdoor activities are more beneficial for children’s development than playing computer games. I strongly believe that Outdoor activities provide a conducive environment for maintaining overall good health

    Children who constantly sit at one place playing computer games for hours can face several dangerous health issues. It can increase the chances of obesity, weaken the joints and muscles and make hands and fingers numb due to over exertion. Various studies suggest that it can also make the eyesight weak. Computer games are moreover addictive they may even skip their homework and assignment which can result in poor performance and also affect their emotional intelligence. Such children prefer being alone and interact digitally, this can limit their inter-personal skills in real life. The ferocity of modern games can negatively impact the moral development of the child.

    On the other hand, outdoor play keeps the child active and boost their physical stamina and fitness. Exposure to outdoor play can also shape their personality and helps them develop essential social skills. They develop a problem solving attitude, get to explore nature, and acquire new information. Being in the fresh air and sunshine can naturally provide them with vitamin D. Also, outdoor play provides a great opportunity to channelize their energy in a meaningful way.

    In conclusion, Physical outdoor activities helps children build strength, focus, self esteem and endurance. Children who play outdoors tend to develop a positive attitude towards life and have a calmer and happier disposition.

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