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  • Vimy

    January 31, 2022 at 2:35 PM

    Nowadays, Manufacturers and supermarkets use different kinds of techniques for packaging the goods to attract more customers but it’s highly impacting the environment. So, it has been a debatable topic between people wherein some say it’s the manufactures and supermarkets which must be held accountable while others believe that it’s the customers liability to refrain the usage of packaged goods.

    Although, manufacturers and shopkeepers are the prominent authorities who should be held liable in the production of packaged goods, because to attract more customers and earn higher profits they are highly involved in this activity which ultimately causing lot of problems like plastic packaging is a health hazards for our natural habitat, increasing risk of waste material leads deposition of pollutants, exhaustion of natural resources. Besides, government by providing some beneficial schemes and creating awareness can curb this activity.

    On the other hand, goods are being produced for the consumption of customers. So, it’s the customers who should be more aware about the harmful impacts of packaged goods and they should take steps to refrain from using such products. Also, if consumers start avoiding these packaged goods then it will affect those companies who are producing the packaged goods and help them change their way of selling goods. For example, in present times, there are quite a number of consumers who are attractive towards banana packaging, recycling of goods, also Vegan products are more prevalent these days, by people who believes in the sustainable development of the world. Hence, it’s the consumers ultimately which could make a difference towards the usage of packaged goods.

    Overall, manufacturers & supermarkets as well as customers, both are equally responsible, and by being more aware and restricting its usage overall along with making efforts to stop this practice and help in maintaining the ecological balance.

    Ma’am please evaluate.

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