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  • shivam

    February 1, 2022 at 2:58 PM

    Nowadays, non-biodegradable packaging of goods has become hazardous for the environment, due to which some people think that manufacturers and supermarket are responsible, while others feels that it is customer’s responsibility to avoid buying excessive packaging goods. I will discuss on both the views in this essay.

    On one hand, one has to believe that manufacturers are the main problem because they initiate the excessive packaging which furthers more degrades the environment causing loss of aquatic life, polluting the water bodies like seas, oceans. As the packaging is non-biodegradable it doesn’t decomposes and organisms which eats it eventually die because of blockage in their digestive system. For example in aquatic food chain, turtle eats jelly fish which looks a lot like transparent polyethene which causes death of the organism and causes disbalance in the ecosystem.

    On the other hand, people don’t step up, to refuse using of packaging, as many of them don’t know that it is hazardous for the environment or dependent on the government for taking a step.

    To stop the manufacturing of packaging goods, people can step up and encourage others not to buy packaging products which will decrease the manufacturing of product’s packaging, or boycotting the products packaged with plastics. Manufacturers can change the packaging at an initial phase and can use biodegradable and recycled eco-friendly packaging so that it doesn’t harm the ecosystem. For example in many states government has taken steps to promote paper bags and to avoid using of plastic bags, by putting fine on people using them.

    In a nutshell, I would say that it is the responsibility of both the manufacturers and customers who are buying it, both should be concerned about the environmental damage.

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