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  • Priya

    February 1, 2022 at 9:48 PM
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    The pie chart depicts the preferences of people on different modes of transportation for reaching their workplace and the reason behind the same. The reasons are discussed by allocating different percentages taking the consideration of cost, distance, wellness, pollution, safety and many other factors.

    The first figures illustrates the reason for cycling to workplace , what stands out from the pie chart is equal proportion of the population are much concerned about the hazardous environment caused by the pollution , to take good care of their health and for their well being they have opted to cycle to their work place and that rounds up to more than half a percentage of the population. Whereas 15 percentage of the population prefer to cycle to avoid parking congestion in the workplace. A very few people less than population discussed above feels its less expensive since no fuels are used as in cars or bikes and also, they feel they can reach work much faster by cycling than by driving.

    The second chart portrays the population who reply on driving to their work, what we infer from the chart is most of the people consider it’ comfortable to drive and reach work. About 21 percent stick to driving since they work far away from their workplace which they couldn’t reach by cycling. Equal number of people and about 14 percent considered the time and baggage they carry, and 11 percent thinks it’s safer than cycling.

    To conclude surplus amount of people go with driving rather than cycling to connect their workplace for the various reasons discussed above.

    Requesting you to evaluate. Thank you

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