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    February 1, 2022 at 11:19 PM

    Some individual think that producers and retailers should take responsibility to reduce the amount of packaging of product while, others suggest that customers should control it by using less packaging goods only.

    Nowadays, manufactures and supermarket attract customers by providing huge packaging on product. But, if we observe neatly they are producing non-eco-friendly goods with a lot of packaging. We all know how much plastic is polluting our country, still some companies make their profit by ignoring all environmental issues. Few years back, when I visited one food based product manufacturing plant, I saw they literally wrapped package 2-3 times to one product only. Manufacturing companies should take responsibility by focusing on maximum one layer packaging on goods.

    In the contrary, customers also supporting the product by buying it in vast quantity. If customers refuse to buy over packed product then it will directly affect to the company who is manufacturing the same product and eventually to reduce their losses or to increase their sell, they will plan accordingly by providing less packaging on product. For example, in any supermarket people purchase more than 50% product which are over packed and indirectly it promotes huge packaging product. So, if every individual take responsibility to banned over packed product then it will be huge success on country’s environment.

    To summarize, I think the responsibility should be taken by both manufactures and customers to promote eco-friendly product by reducing use of multilayer packaging.

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