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  • Sunpreet

    February 2, 2022 at 1:59 PM

    Dear Lakshit,

    I writing this in regards to my absence on 31/01/2022 in the meeting regarding the new updates of Fannie Mae for conventional mortgage loans and changes in DU.

    I am extremely sorry that I was not able to attend the meeting because I had to go to hospital urgently as one of my best friends father got really sick and there was no one to help him , So I went there to help him reach hospital on time.

    All the members of his family went out of town due to some important function, only my friend and his father was at home, Suddenly he felt sick due to which he panicked and called me . That is why I went to him so that he could feel bit relaxed and understand that someone is there to support him.

    In the end, I sincerely again apologise for missing the event. To be on the same page, I have gone through the presentation which was discussed in the meeting and now I know about all the new updates.

    Your Faithfully

    Sunpreet Singh

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