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  • Vimy

    February 2, 2022 at 10:46 PM

    The bar graph illustrates the proportionate expenditures in million pounds on junk food items consumed by the three main income groups, high, average and low in the UK.

    Overall, the expenditure incurred on hamburgers and pizza was mostly high among high and average earning families while fish and chips were mostly consumed by families earning less.

    Families earning high income spends more on Hamburger than any other fast food item at 47%, because of price, population of average and low income earners spends less amount which is around 33% and 14% respectively. However, Fish and Chips were more popular between poor and middles class as compared to rich people who only spends 16% of their income.

    On the other hand, spending’s on pizza was quite high among rich income class at 19% in comparison to families with average income at 11% whereas the least among low earners at around just 7%.

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