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  • Tina

    February 5, 2022 at 2:32 PM

    Nowadays, humans’ longevity has dramatically improved than before. There have been two major problems to people and communities, and there are several solutions to mitigate the problems like less tax gen ad increased unemployment. This essay will discuss o the less tax generation owing to more unemployment.

    With the increase in life expectancy, there are several problems associated with it. Firstly the huge burden on the taxpayers. In order to take necessary care of the senior citizens of the country, they are forced to pull more funds for medical care and pension schemes. For example, in countries like Canada, the government encourages more and more immigration due to the fact that the majority population are older people, with easier immigration policies more youngsters are attracted to the country which in turn increases the number of taxpayers.

    However, it is important to tackle these issues. One of the ways by which it can be solved is by providing opportunities to the older people which requires minimal manpower. For example in countries like Japan half of its working population are above the age of 60 and all are equal earing members of their families. Another solution is setting certain laws on retirement age. Lastly, there should be more opportunities given to the young adults that can assure them benefits if they stay in the country.

    In conclusion, the improvement in overall life expectancy in the world leads to certain issues for the governments and for the young individuals. Thereby, ensuring a proper set of retirement policies as well as more benefits for the young individuals can in turn help lighten the burden on the government.

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