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  • Tina

    February 10, 2022 at 1:50 PM

    People tend to have various attitudes towards unpaid community services. A vast majority of people tend to agree it should be included in high school education. Even though it has some positives, it should not be included in high school education due to various reasons.

    Unpaid community services should not be made a compulsory part of the high school curriculum. First and foremost, Indian students have a very hectic curriculum and a very limited time to invest in their studies with all the tuitions, entrance coaching, etc. So if they participate in such activities it can further take up a large chunk of their time and can lead to many challenges in the academic area and they may even fail in their examinations.

    Moreover, a high school student is not mature enough to handle service programs effectively. For instance, if they are involved in any kind of charity services in an orphanage, they may be asked to stay along with the inmates of the orphanage, some may not find it easy to adjust to such an environment. Consequently, they may lose interest in doing those kinds of services later on in their life. In addition, it would develop a negative attitude towards unpaid community services from the tender age. Nevertheless, I think that students should be more focused on education and should not be forced to do something that might detract them from their main target and task.

    To conclude, despite some advantages, unpaid community services should not be promoted in the early stages of education.

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