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    February 14, 2022 at 12:27 AM

    In today’s era, where we are losing humanity because of busy life, few people advise in school circumplasm social work should be added and few don’t agree with the same thought.

    According to me, I agree with the idea to add an activity in children’s academic year. It will help society in many ways. Example: Charity work help to build the character. If students will be engaged in social work, it helps them to construct their personalities. They will be more in empathy zone and even in their busy modern living if they met any needy, they would offer the help. In this Vuka world, we need to prepare the coming generation for sharing and extension of support not only humans but animals as well.

    Secondly, including teenagers in social welfare work also uplift their resume when they apply for high education or jobs, etc. Like: In today’s time all the schools follow Swachh Bharat abhyanga and all the students participate in these activities. It not only helps them to clear their surrounding moreover it also explains to them how much it is important for plant earth as well. In the matter of instance, today’s generation knows about different types of garbage systems why we used blue, green, or red, etc. Why we should segregate the garbage. It is only possible because institutions are following Swachh Bharat abhyanga for the last 10 years. When students add these knowledgeable items in their application, it helps the selector to understand the roots of a person furthermore it provides an idea of how supportive the person can be for society or project if needed.

    Last but not the least, all over adding the welfare activities in school not only help for students but the whole society. It should be included, and it should be supportive, not only of teachers but by parents as well. A small action towards supporting the badly off will not only help overall for kids but their surroundings as well.

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