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  • Swarnim

    February 16, 2022 at 11:03 PM

    In modern days, with the advent of computers, activities for children is mainly considered as gaming consoles, watching television and using other sorts of entertainment devices and a lot of other toddlers are stuck with there parent’s mobile phones and the parents are also condoning it as they are busy with there busy schedule. But I believe there should be a limit on these kind of entertainment resources and parent should encourage there children to play outside and teach them how to socialize with other kids.

    Firstly, this will help them to grow not only at physical aspects but also there mental abilities will get stronger. Children who do not have physical activities are extremely susceptible to obesity and playing a lot of computer games make them ferocious.

    Furthermore, going outdoor everyday will provide them conducive circumstances which will gradually increase there socializing habits to improve the coordination which is a key to grow confidence and the performance in the school , college and likewise it will help them to build team spirit. Another important skill they will get is better decision making which will reduce there impulsive behavior.

    To conclude, my opinion is to limit children’s indoor activities and should be motivated to participate in as much as outdoor activities so that they can turn down there complacent behavior and boost there character to become a better person in life.

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