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  • Bhargav

    February 17, 2022 at 10:10 AM
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    The above map shows us the dynamic and structural changes of the village of Ryemouth from the year 1995 to the present year .

    The village has gone through huge development .The number of houses, increases; many shops are transformed into restaurants; car parking is added to the hotel and an addition of tennis court and a golf course has been constructed.

    in the year 1995 to the south there is a fishing port is seen through the sea with a fish market, opposite to it we have multiple shops facing to north and to the east we can witness a vast forest park near the farmland and alongside the roadway we have several houses built across the path to the west ,down south there hotel opposite to a cafe

    however to the present year there is a large difference from the year 1995 to now, extension of a road to the west with increase in houses and the farmland is been turned into a golf course and a tennis court, car parking is added to a existed hotel here opposite to the cafe, there are new set of apartments near the sea and a restaurant opposite to the apartments.

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