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  • Fanny

    February 17, 2022 at 6:32 PM

    First of all, we have to agree on the term “public places”. If we are talking about open areas like squares, parks, roads etc. (and not about buildings as museum, library, schools…), I would consider that preventing people from smoking is a violation of human rights. Indeed, even if I don’t smoke and consider that people shouldn’t smoke to preserve their health, I think that if some want to do it, they should be free to. As far as we now, in open spaces (out), there is no risk that cigarette smoke could affect others. I’m sure that it’s a lot worse to breathe in in our polluted cities! However, there is a serious risk to become a passive smoker for those who stay near a smoker, but in that case, it remains a personal choice. Shall we prevent also people to stay with their smoker relatives? Obviously, if we are talking about public buildings, it’s another topic and I think on the contrary that smoking not only “should” but rather “have to” be banned in these places, because people who are there are not anymore free to be or not passive smoker.

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