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  • Abhishek

    February 18, 2022 at 5:40 PM

    Speaking in the favour of motion, smoking should be banned in all public places.We know that Smoking is one of the leading killers on earth and it should not affect those innocent people who are compel to inhale the smoke which causes risk to their health. People know that Smoking has some serious effects still they choose to smoke.It is their personal choice we can not take away the freedom of making their personal choices but what can we do is to ensure that no person is affected by the smoking in public places. We know that Smoking is very addictive it’s hard to get rid of these habits but banning it by the means of law will surely help the cause. By putting ban on smoking in public places will surely help in mitigating all the hazardous effects on those people who are concious about their health and understand the value of their life.
    <div>It will create an environment where childrenwomen will feel safer in terms of their health also it will also affect the new generation in a positive way. It is a known fact that Smoking causes many hazardous disease that are incurable by banning it in the public places we will be able to protect a large number of people who are far away from smoking. As I said earlier it also affects the youth of this generation who get addicted by seeing people smoking in public places believing that it’s a cool thing to do but if we make a law that puts ban on smoking then it will lead the youth to a better world. Putting advisory or request won’t help the cause we have seen lots of example of that. It supposedto be mandatory to not smoke in public places, so law is the only way to achieve that in that way we will be able to create a healthy environment</div>

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