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  • Nancy

    February 22, 2022 at 6:00 PM

    With the passage of time, population is increasing at a tremendous rate so more mouth to feed. Agriculturists ans scientists come with the notion of alteration of crops that is Genetically Modified Foods to feed the population. I totally disagree with the idea of genetically engineered foods as it not only causes health problems but also affects the environment.

    Firstly, Genetically Modified Foods refer to alter the genes of species.These genetically engineered crops have negative impact on the environment as there is no natural change in the crops but crops are artificially altered by using the technology. By modifying the crops, scientists and agriculturists make some species resistant to diseases and insects. In fact, some species become stronger enough that they start dominating the local ecosystem. This modification brings more threats to ecosystem and makes the ecosystem unbalanced. To instance, in some countries, it has been observed that some species has become extinct from their local environment due to this modification. On the other hand, these GM foods also increase the toxins in the soil. These toxins prevent the growth of bacteria which are useful for soil texturing and growth of the plants. Sometimes these crops also become the facilitator for causing soil erosion and run off.

    Secondly, agriculturists come with this idea of genetically modification because this process helps in increasing the production and lifespan of foods.But this modification results in less nutrients. As nutritional value of foods is less which adversely affects the human health. Doctors also point out that these crops also cause allergic reactions to human body. When human intakes these foods, the immune system responses as these genes carry some allergens that cause allergy to human body. According to them, these genetically engineered crops also cause cancer as these modified genes cause breakdown of cancerous cells at a high rate.

    To conclude, with the intention to increase production, agriculturists bring more threats to environment as well as to humans. These GM crops have more negatives than positives. So, these crops are not a viable solution to feed the large population.

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