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  • prashanth

    February 24, 2022 at 11:33 PM

    Now a days, one of the most debated topics in the world, that is people face in there day to day life in cities is traffic congestion. Rise in traffic is at alarming rate in metropolitan cities. This is due to poor management of traffic signals, and no proper infrastructure, which leads to traffic blockage. And we will discuss few solutions how authorities should manage traffic signals.

    Firstly, people who have busy schedules tend to bypass signals and create inconvenience to incoming traffic which results in clogging of traffic. Especially, young peers we can see them riding motor bikes with out proper knowledge of traffic rules. Furthermore, improper functioning of traffic signals and absence of traffic police. For instance, an article published in a popular newspaper they quoted malfunctioning of traffic lights was primary reason.

    Proper education should be provided to citizens before hitting the roads. On the other hand, authorities should have continuous monitoring of traffic signals and imposing fines to those who neglect traffic rules. For example, in united states of America, there government implement heavy fines and even bookcases on citizens who disobey rules. In developed countries, we can see artificial intelligent cameras which can send photos, where you crossed signal, they even use these cameras to catch criminals. Even I observed some of these technologies implemented in our states.

    To conclude, government should take stringent actions against people who go against law, and provide good infrastructure.

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