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  • sriranjini

    February 25, 2022 at 3:45 PM
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    Though some people believe that fixed retirement age for all, irrespective of type of work is unjustifiable while others think the opposite, I agree that retirement age should be dependable on people’s preference and their current life scenario.

    Firstly, every occupation is different not to mention the work that each one entails. Set retirement age may work for occupations that doesn’t involve hard labor and semantic work. Physical labor consumes a lot of energy therefore draining people more. Jobs such as desk clerks, accountants, Software developers and many other fields where manual heavy work is actually not used, both mental and physical drain is less. For example, Corporation cleaners work throughout the day sanitizing drainage and removing blockages. Moreover, they might face a deterioration in health due to their job and therefore they need retirement at an early age.

    Secondly, Doctors are thriving day and night without proper rest, sleep and food throughout their journey in their roles. They can neither find time for good sleep nor for healthy diet or exercise. On the other hand, they fight to save others lives and therefore lose their physical and mental health. For Instance , I have witnessed a friend of mine suddenly get admitted for dehydration as she almost forgot to drink water for days together. Therefore they need retirement at an early age to finally take care of themselves and their family too.

    In conclusion, Many white collar and blue collar jobs have different type of works and various aspects such as interest, health, pension to be taken into account before consider a fixed age for discharge.

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