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  • Thejas

    February 27, 2022 at 10:14 PM

    Since the beginning of 20th century traffic congestion is a major problem faced by all the metropolitan cities due to the increase in the number of private vehicle and insufficient usage of public transport. The traffic congestion can be tackled by taking various kind of actions like motivating people to use public transportation, making changes in the traffic law and implementing new way of transportation would solve the problem.

    To begin with, starting of modern world had lead to unique kind of innovations and automobile sector is one of them. Now in this era owning a private vehicle is considered as standard of living in the society due to that we are witnessing more number of vehicle on the roads. For instance Delhi transportation authorities came with a different idea of odd vehicle system, it will allow citizens to drive their vehicle in the city on fixed days and there will be a rotation in running vehicle on the road. It actually reduced 30% of the traffic.

    In addition, due to the increase of private vehicle services people are travelling less in public transport and this can be solved giving better services to passengers, building flyover to reduce the time of travel. For instance, in the city of Bengaluru they came with a suitable idea of separate lane for public transport buses and in that method no other vehicle are allowed to drive on the lane. It decreased time of travelling as it encouraged people to travel in public transportation and it decreased 25% traffic of the city by following such unique solution.

    To conclude, the government and it’s citizens should act responsible by implementing new rules, encouraging to travel in public transportation and providing economic services as well as the citizens should follow traffic rules by this way traffic congestion can be solved.

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