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    March 2, 2022 at 9:45 AM

    @fal please review

    The diagrams illustrate the process which is used to generate electricity from sea wave.

    From the figure it seems that whole structure is built on cliff or sea wall and electricity generates with the help of turbines, sea wave and air.

    As shown in diagram A, when the sea wave comes through leakage free chamber to generate pressure which is further opposed by the air coming through column, as water pressure is much higher than air pressure it forced air to move backwards due to this turbine rotates in clockwise direction with gradually increasing speed and generates electricity.

    However, the water wave is move backwards after some time because inclination of cliff or sea wall which allows air to come through columns with increasing speed as shown in diagram B. Now the pressure of air is more than pressure of water wave which help turbine to rotate with increasing speed which helps to generate electricity.

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