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  • Vimy

    March 2, 2022 at 9:48 AM

    The diagram shows how electricity is generated through wave power.

    The figure ‘A’ depicts that we can generate electricity from high tide wave with the help of cliff or sea wall. As we can see here, when a wave hit the sea wall or cliff seems it creates an air pressure which goes into upward direction in the long passage denoted by column and moves the turbine anti-clockwise, due to this mechanism an electricity is generated.

    On the other hand, in figure ‘B’ the situation changed drastically, when there is low tide, here when wave hitting the sea wall goes away, the process change its direction in downward direction creating an air pressure to go back towards the wave which makes the turbine move into same direction. This process helps in generating electricity.

    Overall, the process of suction into chamber and retreating back with the help of sea wall or cliff which acts as a barrier to create this suction. Thus, this mechanism helps in generating electricity from wave power.

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