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    March 4, 2022 at 11:43 AM
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    The pie chart displayed below represents multiple factors contributing to the selection of mode of transportation between bicycle and car.

    Overall, the bicycle is mainly preferred to maintain individual’s health and fitness and complete elimination of secreted harmful chemicals contributing to its eco-friendly nature while a motor car is prioritized for comfort and ability to travel longer distance along with certain other ingredient.

    Together, health and fitness and reduction in pollution confers major shares on choice of a pedal bicycle as 30 percent of workers adopts them for both respective reasons. There are certain other minute areas that promotes employees option of bicycle such as decrease in dependency of availability of parking facility as 15 percent of staffs opts cycle for this specific reason. The pedal bicycle discards regular refueling of the vehicle as 13 percent of commuters prefers to avoid monetary maintenance. The bicycle is opted by 12 percent of people for quicker journey.

    A motor car provides a comfortable means of communication to the workplace and 40 percent of employees selection is based on this particular advantage. In case, if travelling distance is relatively higher , 21 percent of people prefers an engine car. For 14 percent of staffs, car becomes suitable to reach their office quickly. The space inside the car allows individuals to carry significant amount of belongings to the workplace and this factor contributes 14 percent of users election of a car. The safety features of a car promotes 11 percent of employees usage.

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