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  • sharukh

    March 5, 2022 at 5:09 PM

    The above diagram shows a structure that is used to generate electricity from wave power. The diagram shows a comparison of two depictions which shows movement of a wave, in and out of the machine.

    Overall, electricity is final outcome in both depictions, showing the process by which electricity is produced with water wave, air pressure and turbine in the chamber.

    In the first illustration “A”, the water wave enters the chamber with the motion flow of the water and pushes air towards the turbine inside the chamber which rotates with the force of air, the electric device connected to the column, stores the electric energy produced in the process.

    The second illustration “B” shows the water wave exiting the chamber with the external vacuum of the wave and again the turbine is moving in the same direction due to the suction of air by the water wave while leaving the chamber, which produces electricity in the same fashion.

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