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  • sharukh

    March 5, 2022 at 5:45 PM
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    The above pie chart depicts the reasons in percentage, why people travel to work by bicycle or by car. Various reasons were stated in response to use of bicycle or car.

    Overall, both modes of transport, i.e., car and bicycle have equal share of advantages. The driver’s requirements decide the ideal mode of transport.

    The interpretation of the diagram shows car is used for transportation when comfort and carrying things to office is the priority, it also helps when the workplace is far and can run faster than bicycle safely.

    Cycling was opted by people to tackle problems like pollution and the trouble of parking, also it saves fuel expenses and contributes to the improvement of physical fitness. Workers also claim that cycling is faster than driving to work.

    The above given modes of transportation are effective and useful for the workers, both are claimed to be faster and helpful in reaching the workplace.

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