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  • Vikaram Jeet

    March 6, 2022 at 9:45 PM

    A few years ago, the newspaper was the primary source of news; however, we saw the internet revolution in the last two decades. This is the internet era where we cannot imagine our life without this. Nowadays, the internet is a vital source of information. We can get the latest news anywhere in the world with just a single click; therefore, there is a debate whether print media is losing its significance.

    If I specifically talk about India, seventy per cent of the population is still living in the countryside and have limited access to the internet. Although, since the launching of the digital India campaign by the Prime Minister of India, the coverage of the internet has been spreading rapidly; nevertheless, there is a large population who either do not have access to the accessibility of internet or smartphone, in addition to that, some people are not tech-savvy and use gadgets only as a means of communication; consequently they are dependent on the conventional method of receiving the news. Furthermore, on account of increasing health awareness, many people avoid excessive use of electronic gadgets to get the news because they emit radiation and blue lights, which is harmful to the health; thus, they prefer newspapers over electronic media.

    On the other hand, because electronic media and the internet have the fastest means to get up-to-date news and many people do not want to wait for the next day to get the updates, moreover, they can have access to the latest news worldwide; therefore, they use the internet as a primary source of news and information.

    In conclusion, from my standpoint, electronic media or internet and print media both have their magnitude and go hand in hand. A fraction of the populace may like to read news on the internet and others from newspapers.

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