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    March 9, 2022 at 1:01 PM

    During this modern era, abundantly couples prefer to give birth to their descendants in the later stage of their married life. This essay highlights both positive and negative aspects of having children usually afterwards. I feel requirements enforces pairs to delay origin of their respective newborns.

    Recently, trends suggests, the option of having children at a stable career period is more viable than possessing them while career development phase. The key agenda is to achieve self targeted goals as an individual and thereafter, completely shifting focus and all necessary attention towards both physical and mental development of the toddler. Although, it would proper planning and synchronization between both of husband and wife yet it really serves well for safer and healthier upbringing of their sibling. Moreover, the increased availability of time before child’s birth allows parents to prepare themselves from financial point of view. My uncle , who comes from medical field, planned birth of our cousin in such a way that it allowed him to complete post graduation and now he is able to look after the baby, holding an honorable position and necessary financial backing to afford a convenient lifestyle for the kid.

    There are certain biological factors that prohibits delayed family planning among the couples. As observed, the life expectancy has been coming down significantly, it is suggested that partners should consult doctor in order to decide on family planning. Raising up a kid requires tremendous amount of physical and mental attentiveness. During infantry state, the toddlers are completely dependent upon their parents. It is more convenient for a youngers parents to serve their child as compared to the older one’s. My uncle tends to get terrified upon serving essential physical requirements while looking after his kid as he suggests, it would have been easier had he been young.

    In conclusion, modern demands expects parents t be versatile enough to manage upbringing of their alike as having children during the later stage does provide them enough space and time to accommodate all the essential resources for the sibling. However, care must to taken to avoid further delay in order to evade biological complications.

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