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  • Ashish

    March 10, 2022 at 5:01 PM
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    It is argued by some that there shouldn’t be any fixed age for retirement and they suggest that the age limit should vary according to the type of job .I completely agree with this opinion because every occupation requires different amount of efforts.

    To begin with,certain jobs demand for the different levels of physical and mental energy from their employees ,and hence the retirement age must be set accordingly.The people who have to put lesser amount of hardwork in their jobs should have a higher retirement age as compared to the people who are involved in some laborious activities.For example,if we consider the case of a goverment college or university ,the sweepers there should get retired first as compared to the higher position holders like the professors.However,I also think that those who face serious problems like accident or severe health issues should be retired earlier, irrespective of the occupation.

    The people who are involved in the activities which brings hundreds of health hazards along with the stress are most deserving candidates for availing the benefits of ealry retirement and pension.For illustration,coal mine workers have to face various kinds of health issues such as deadly respiratory diseases like Asthama, loss of eyesight ,skin damage and countless others ,which are caused by the toxic gases and dust particles present in the mines.Moreover,the persons with disabilities should also be benefited by it.

    To conclude,all the employees shouldn’t have a standard age of retirement but that should be dependent on the type of occupation which they pursue.The people who’s jobs are more exhausting must be given relaxation sooner.

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