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  • prashanth

    March 10, 2022 at 9:44 PM

    Most people think governments could be held accountable for safeguarding environment. some people argue that every individual should be liable for it. While governments can encourage factories to shift to countryside. I believe that people should limit themselves from fossil fuel driven vehicles. In my opinion, this is a sensitive issue which should be dealt by both individuals and governments as it is deteriorating every day.

    On one hand, government plays pivotal role in maintaining environment safe and healthy. It is authorities should make legislation to mitigate environment problems like air pollution and water pollution. To illustrate, there should be laws to encourage companies to move to the village side rather than staying in cities. Due to which people who live in urban areas can minimize the environmental hazardous substances from factories. Additionally, government should create awareness campaigns and educate people regarding adverse effects humans are posing on environment.

    On the other hand, it is undeniable fact that each person plays important role on environment. Cars are considered to be major source of air pollution. They emit carbon di-oxide from their exhaust when fuel is burnt. Therefore, using private cars in rare cases can able to protect environment. Nevertheless, public transport should be made more convenient and reliable. While giving incentives for green energy automobiles by authorities can open door to electric vehicles. For instance, Delhi government motivated its public to move towards clean energy driven cars by giving allowances, subsequently few states followed same initiative.

    To conclude, humans are heavily reliance on fossil fuel energy. However, administration should consider alternatives for clean energy and inspire people to move towards zero emission.

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