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  • Vimy

    March 10, 2022 at 10:38 PM

    Nowadays, many schools are taking initiative of rewarding students rather than punishing them because it is believed that students when bestowed, will stimulate their performance instead of penalising them. In my essay, I’ll support my arguments in favour of this view.

    In the growing years of person’s life when he/she is facing life’s challenges to keep up in the society. There are lot of schools, coming up with idea of rewarding students because of several reasons such as overall personality development, self-discipline, optimism, motivation and many more. Although, overall personality development and optimistic are the most prominent reasons which will help a student to become a better person. So, keeping this in mind, most schools are adopting the practice of bestow instead of punishing them. As this will encourage students to feel motivated when they awarded prizes for their performances. Consequently, boost their confidence and make them feel valuable. For example, many schools have started giving certificates of participation to students who participated in the competition which will uplift their extracurricular activities and motivates them to be more participative.

    Admittedly, being awarded will stimulate their confidence and help them to become optimistic in life, while enhancing their interpersonal skills among their peers. Thus, punishment doesn’t seems to be a solution for a students, in fact it will impact them in a traumatised way. For example, when students are punished often for their behaviour or any misconduct, it will inhibit the feeling of anxiety, embarrassment and makes diffident personality among their peers. Therefore, rewarding students is much better than punishing them for their physical well being as well as mental health.

    In conclusion, I can completely support this view because of above reasons and strongly believe that schools adopting the practice of rewarding a students with prizes rather than punishing them help them in achieving excellence.

    Ma’am please give your valuable feedback.

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