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  • Sudhakar

    March 11, 2022 at 1:14 PM

    It is often argued that students accomplish more in their life when they are appreciated rather than penalized, I completely agree with this statement, when children are encouraged for their contribution, positive thinking will be developed which helps them in their personality development, and it gives them a freedom to explore various things in life to succeed without being fear of failure.

    Firstly, when children are rewarded, they will develop the positive attitude towards the life. To flourish in life, positive attitude plays a big role and it helps in achieving great personality as well as respect in society. For instance, I was always appreciated in school days, which helped me in positive attitude as well as in my overall personality development. My teachers always used to praise me for every small homework that I did, which encouraged me to be more proactive in classroom sessions.

    Secondly, Rewards are known as gateway to freedom of thoughts. When a person’s view or idea is appreciated, then they feel more respected and it boosts their confidence. Which eventually help’s them in solving different problems in life by exploring all possible ways without any fear of rejection or failure. For example, one of my school friends became narrow minded as in his school days his teachers used to chastise him always and he never got any appreciations. Finally, it made him to be fear of life to explore or experiment anything different.

    To conclude, Appreciation plays the key role in flourishing the children’s career as it will improve their positivity towards life and also it increases the ones confidence levels to explore different possible solutions to solve the problems in life without fear.

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