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  • Shalu

    March 14, 2022 at 6:40 AM

    Recipe of sahi paneer

    First take 250gm paneer and after that pepper masala take two online and three tomato and 10 to 12 cashew and put some oil in the pan and start first put some tej pta and 4 long 2 stikes siniman and sotea 1minetes and put some cumin seeds when our all masalas are ready then put chopped online and kaju and ginger and garlic all sote for 10minets and after that when our masala preper after we put some salt kashmiri red chilly and turmeric and garam masala again sote 3-4 minutes when our masala realis the oil after swiche of the gas and wait 10-15 minutes when our masal cold and after all masala graind and smooth past again take pan and put some oil and we put paneer cubes and fry 2-3 minutes and add little bit salt and red chilly after put masala paste in pan and soate till masala release oil and add haff of cup water and add paneer cubes and boil 4-5 minutes our sahi paneer is ready and our last step is cut some corian der leafes and spared in sahai Paneer is ready to ser

    Topic- My Life Without My Phone

    It would be very difficult for me now days, phone is a very important for me I never imagen live life without phone it will be very important part of my life because my all details and our life memories in my phone our life is very easy with phone because everything is online now days it will be google for every one if I such it up any cooking recipe is there and very important thing is I connect my family every day with face time and audio. If I forget my phone any, were I would be very tense and I think phone have all information.

    Topic-My Life Without My Phone

    It would be very difficult for me because. phone for me like a family member as now days phone is very important thing for me. I can never imagine a life without phone. When I get up I do first thing to check my phone and see all apps my day start with my phone. Phone make my life is verry easy like connect with my family daily when I call them using face time then I feel very happy because I see my family and some time I see my home town we connect with our friends and relative I live very far away frome my country. And lots of memories in my phone and for now days every think is online witch is very good for all like study and shopping and for kids gaming and lots of things we do in phone like earn money with phone make some videos I can never imagine my life without phone. there our all important informasion in my phone I learn so many things with phone and when I was anmarrid then phone connect with my husband for long time so phone is very lucky for me and if I forget my phone anywhere I get tensed because it has all the information when I bord then phone entertarn me I love my phone.

    A Family

    There was a family and it had five family members. They one grandfather one granddaughter and daughter’s parents and one aunty. Their house was close to the river. When it started raining it was difficult time for that family as their house was near to the river there was an earthquake because of that flood also came. when family saw a women drowned in the river, so they got scared. After that the family thought, we would move to another village. But grandfather did not agree to go along with his family. Family Convinced grandfather to come along with them. But grandfather refused their proposal and grandfather was not happy their family decision. He decided to live alone. After one-year grandfather felt lonely. One day grandfather went near the river and his glasses fell. He tried to find glasses and he slipped, and he started drowning in the river he was trying to swim in the river after some time he could swim out of the river and win his fight again his death then he decided he go back and live with his family as he reached home. When his granddaughter saw his grandfather, she started dancing. And other family members also got happy, and grandfather also smiled to see everyone happy.

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