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  • sharukh

    March 14, 2022 at 2:01 PM

    The above diagram explains the process of cement and concrete production. the illustration on the left show how cement is made from limestone and clay. while, the illustration on the right, shows how cement, sand, water and gravel are used to prepare concrete.

    Overall, the interpretation of the diagram shows that limestone and clay go through a complete industrial process to become cement. concrete is mixture of multiple materials which include cement, water, sand and gravel. the materials are mixed thoroughly in a concrete mixer.

    Cement production starts with crushing of limestone and clay and that powder is sent to the mixer. later it is heated in the rotating heater. finally, the powder is grinded and packed into the bags. the concrete mixer is responsible for preparation of concrete.

    However, concrete needs cement for its preparation. while gravel is 50 percent of the mixture, cement (15%), sand (25%) and water (10%) are used in less proportions. both processes are similar, but the only difference is cement production is in dry form and concrete production is in wet form.

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