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  • Srikar Reddy

    March 14, 2022 at 4:55 PM

    In a modern society, environmental care has become the centre of global debates. Some people think that only government is responsible for protecting the environment,while others believe that every human being must be liable for it.In my opinion, it will be more beneficial if both the country and individuals share the responsibility equally.

    Firstly,the government plays a important role in maintaining the environment safe and healthy.The Country’s Authorities should introduce some laws encouraging factories to move from Cities to the countrysides, so that the rate of air pollution is reduced.On the other hand,it is undeniable that each person should step forward for Go-GREEN surroundings rather than polluting the area by using plastics and throwing them on the roadsides. Everyone should promote recycling of waste materials to maintain a healthy environment.As per the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” program introduced in India by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, all the plastic items were stopped for usage. It was observed, that by stopping plastic waste from entering and contaminating water outlets people are able to save drinking water and the natural habitat.

    Secondly,the political departments should come up with some new ideas to educate citizens, and to encourage them to care the nature more.Also educated individuals should provide awareness to their neighbourhood about the pros and cons of a healthy environment.For example,in many rural parts of India, “Street plays” are conducted by several Welfare Organisations where in a group of people act in a show based on ongoing problems on streets which conveys a strong message at the end of the play.such activities are more easy to educate people about the important of protecting the nature.

    In conclusion the government should use their power for safety of Mother Earth by bringing new rules which every individual should follow.Thus, the joint efforts of both the government and their citizens would result in the most effective way of preserving the environment.

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