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  • Sakshi

    March 14, 2022 at 6:39 PM

    In December month, I went to see the Eiffel Tower which is near the Cruise River. It’s beauty is outstanding. I was so happy to see it’s beauty. There are many tourists. Temperature was too low at night time. A woman was point of attraction because of her dressing sense. She wore a one piece dress and she danced. Everyone just noticed her. At that time earthquake was came but intensity was too low, so people didn’t pay attention on it. After seeing the news we got this information.

    For paris trip, i bought the yellow glasses. That’s was awesome. I took many photos. I took the boat and it’s was seems to me like I want to die because that time temperature was -2°c…sooo you can imagine what was my condition?…. I saw a boy there, he was soo weird and irritated to others, because of his behaviour his friends left him lonely and he jumped into the river and he drown. Some security persons came and saved him. ….after that I enjoyed my boating. My smile was on that time na to be in seventh heaven…At that time I felt like I fulfilled the dream I had today and I won. After this I came back to my hotel and next I came back to my house…..

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