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  • Wilfred

    March 16, 2022 at 7:11 PM

    Let me start about this topic with a proverb” All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. This is a very old saying and definitely this proverb is apt for this topic. The advent of technology era which lead to evolution of lots of gadgets like computer ,mobile phones etc had brought the culture of our children ime our future generation glued to it. The quality time spend by the children nowadays tend towards playing games ,chatting and being active on social media.

    Nowadays most of the games are ferocity in nature. There was a popular news of a game called Blue whale which had actually misguides the children to become psychopath at the end of the game. The game used to provide a lot of chores of activities to be completed at the end of each game to move forward which lead the children doing them and a stage ending up doing suicide.Children are getting more malleable to the computer due to the present situation of COVID also which has lead to high usage time of these gadgets. In case both the parents are working condone on the children is a big problem and have control issues on the usage of this gadgets which the children.

    All parents conducive with a plan to restrict the usage of these gadgets or alot a particular face time with these gadgets and cultivate or encourage the children to participate in social gathering which ends up into games and socialising would result into freshness of the brain activities of the children.More and more usage susceptible causes of mental distress and finally spoiling the health of the children like eyesight and even psychological affects on the children

    To conclude the topic I would like to voice out that children should do more of outdoor activities rather than wasting their time on these gadgets.

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