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  • Puneet

    March 20, 2022 at 9:21 PM

    @fal maam

    Most of the enterprises have now started building more and more open space designs for offices, instead of separate cubicles for each employee. Here in this paragraph, I am going to elaborate on how the positive impact of open space designs outweighs its negative impact.

    Primarily, this type of design promotes more efficiency in an organization as it is easy to interact with subordinates and co-employees in open space designs. Furthermore, in open space designs, it is easy to do socializing for the staff which sometimes acts as a stress buster for them. In addition to that, open space leads to more harmony among the workers and supervisor which increases overall productivity of the organization. Another striking benefit in this regard is that, this design is cost effective as compared to separate rooms design.

    Apart from that, there are also some disadvantages like it leads to less privacy in the organization which negatively affects the work. For instance, top level executives need separate cubicle because their work requires more privacy. Secondly, it also leads to less concentration on work as there is more disturbance in open space design. Enterprises should provide open space design for middle level workforce whereas top level or senior management should get separate space.

    According to the above arguments, one can reach the conclusion that despite some drawbacks the open space designs are more effective as compared to separate rooms. The drawbacks of this can be overcome by following certain methods and procedures like by building partition among different departments and by making noise proof structures inside the enterprise,etc .

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