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  • Wilfred

    March 21, 2022 at 11:14 PM

    Advertisement has become a boon to the modern world and it has it advantages and disadvantages on it. There are two disruptive rather contentious ways on which a company advertise to the public .It is done by positive marketing and Negative marketing. In Positive advertisement the goodness of the product is brought about which forces the person to buy the products and in negative advertisement what happens is it portrays the negativity of the product but in positive way.

    To talk about the some of the advantage of which one being it entices the common public to gain knowledge on the various product or services that are available to consumer. Advertisement brings out a gripping fact on how the companies project various methods to reach out to their consumers. They use celebrities or cartoon characters or well know professional to meticulously convey the benefits of their products to the consumer. Apart from the same they create a hype of the product which will be insatiable and hard to procure in the market.

    On the other hand few of the disadvantages would be that the companies come out with deceptive advertisement which truly spoils the spirit of advertisement. They entice the public to procure those products which would be on no value to them. Some of the companies uses the unconventional method of advertising which uses false propaganda about competitor products. Such kind of products and it is advertisement should be regulated and off limits to the public.

    To sum it up I feel advertisement is necessary evil which helps common people to gain knowledge about a product and give the consumer to choice whether to procure a product or not .

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