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  • Shiva

    March 22, 2022 at 5:26 AM

    Social media have taken a completely different approach in recent years due to advance technology. Some people claim that technology for themselves up to date on information from society. This essay argues for news seekers and news followers, to have accessing news up to date then how the internet helps more advanced than traditional newspapers. Internet, one of the most important inventions of technology has made it easier for people to access information up to date.

    Due to the extended reach of the internet along with easy access to the computer, mobiles, and other electrical devices, it has become faster to share information through different social media platforms and electrical news platforms like online news across the world. For example, people are using the internet with they are installing various online news applications like bbc news, ndtv like whose provided their news content 24/7 and some are following online social media applications like twitter and facebook , these are the ways people can up to date.

    The internet certainly has made easier access news immediately but it miss the overview on the news, by traditional newspapers will help to get full overview content, and its provided various articles by news experts. Advancement of internet people are getting instant news from various sources like applications or other social media, but we did not confirm news is right or wrong, because of less exposure and investigation levels.Online news, instant news applications, and other social media applications help people to get immediate news from across the world, people can easily access from anywhere and any time people can uptodate on some their required information, it helps them to take their next decisions. For example, stocks, they various stock brokerages are available on internet we access stocks from their applications or websites if we follow newspaper will get that previous day information in next day. so its delaying to get pieces of information. Overall, the internet help people more to get news and information instantly, and its made easier to access in any position, and it helps to us take our decisions fast.

    This essay argued that people who think newspapers are less important than the internet yes its correct, the internet provides information at once. In my opinion, the Internet is very helpful to people get themselves modern

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