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  • Arvind

    March 22, 2022 at 9:53 AM

    This story is all about a girl named Jeanie who used to live in a village situated on the bank of the river. She lived in a very old house made on the bank of the river which was in a dilapidated condition, as all the windows had broken glasses and doors were so weak that they could be even broken with a very small amount of force but Jeanie had no complaint about it, she was living happily in her house perhaps she had convinced herself that she should not complain about anything she has. In her house, She would teach the children dance, she was a brilliant dancer as she always kept smiling while dancing, it made her dance so captivating and mesmerizing that no body could leave off his eyes from her.

    One day there was an earthquake in the village with very high intensity and it shook the village so badly that no one got a chance to be in a position where they could handle themselves. All the beautiful houses had now turned into rubble and many people had lost their lives, people were struggling to win the fight against the earthquake, women were grieving in the loss of their loved ones. Jeanie also couldn’t remain unaffected by this tragedy, her house was so delicate in order to bear this kind of tragedy. Her house collapsed too and fell into the river but she was safe as she was watering some plants outside of her house. Jeanie’s books and all the essentials were drowning in the river Infront of her eyes but she couldn’t do anything except crying because that was all she had, it seemed like her dream had died but she is brave enough to bear this loss and let the bad time pass.

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